What is your greatest Dream for Bethany?


“For us to grow larger than Lakewood! For Pastor Dan to stay 4ever and the church to be refurbished completely.”

Matthew Lydick – age 12


“My dream is that Bethany’s greatest years are starting today!” Jim Roberts


“That this sanctuary will be filled with people who are seeking the Word of God. Bethany has so much to offer to all ages. We have wonderful leaders who are so instrumental in making Bethany a great church home.” Leta Roper


“To serve the poor and hurting in Houston and around the world. To support ministries in Honduras, Nicaragua, Cuba, Mexico and Thailand and to begin ministry partnerships in Romania and Africa in 2008. Start a “missions service” for prayer and encouragement to do the work of fulfilling the Great Commission.” Kristen Jones


“My dream is that families with children will join Bethany and restore the activity level and enthusiasm we knew in the past.” John T. Smith and Margaret Smith


“My dream for Bethany is that every person here receives the power to make a difference in the lives of everyone they meet, and to make them stop and look at their faith in the Lord and verify it” Samantha Kriskern


“A congregation that is more reflective of the surrounding neighborhood. Missions that deal with the unchurched, the disenfranchised and poor in our own community. Missions that deal with the people of Africa. An intensive youth workshop that cuts across a number of different religions.” Gary Reece


“For God to bless it abundantly and fill it with the laughter of children and the sound of many voices raised in song. I also hope to see a singles-singles again ministry for those of us alone.” Laura Blume


“My greatest dream for Bethany is that it will continue to be the loving and nurturing place that it is. I also dream for Bethany to grow to minister to many more people – that others will walk through our doors and feel what Bethany and our Lord Jesus Christ is doing here.” Barbara Cox


“A place where youth can come and feel welcome. Also, a place where they can feel a part of something , whether that means 20 or 200 kids. A place where the spirit is alive and active, especially on Sunday mornings.” No name given


“To have our pews full on Sunday mornings – to have funds to finance our dream – to pay 110% of our connectional responsibilities. To be a family of faith shining throughout our neighborhood and city as we do God’s work.” Gay Hillman


“A mulit-racial, mulit-ethnic congregation with missions and outreach as a primary focus. Also, we should always be mindful of the needs or our Bethany family, our neighbors here and in other countries.” Zelma Etheredge


“That we will become a diverse congregation, have a wonderful contemporary service in addition to our wonderful traditional service, increase our congregation with adults, youth and children, that we will become a church of friendship evangelists. That we will pray that God will let us know where He is so we can join Him.” Sally McKee


“To grow large enough to need more than one service every Sunday. To be able to fill the needs of diverse groups of people and keep the same wonderful spirit of its smaller group of people.”

No name given


“That the Holy Spirit will descend upon us and that each member will have passion for one or more ministries of the church and that this passion will be obvious to those around us- and it can truly be seen. We know they are Christians by the love and passion.” Nelda Shoup


“To go paintballing with the youth group. For the church to grow.” Graham Williams


“That Bethany will prosper and grow, both in membership and financial support for all of our ministries.” Cecil R. Caldwell


“Nothing but Nets. Goal “greater than” 1000 nets per year.” Melinda and Nancy Reece Froncell


“More kids and more interaction with the youth.” Anonymous


“My greatest dream for Bethany is that Bethany becomes a magnet for abundance in all its forms – a sanctuary filled to the brim with people who willingly want to give and receive the Word of God; an abundance of funds to give our facilities back their sparkle; and an abundance of passion to expand our ministries. But most of all I want the caring and loving spirit to continue to be at the heart of Bethany, even as we grow.” Meg Lauck


“I have a dream that Bethany have much, much, much, so can fulfill the needs of poor. I have a dream Bethany Church may be crowded at church service.” No name given


“To be able to reach out to all families in our community and tell the news about our great church. To encourage them to come and join us and to experience their faith through our church.” Anonymous


“That Bethany become a place where everyone can feel at home and a sense of renewal. That everyone who walks through the door can find a home.” Troy Fontenot


“My dream is for the future of Bethany – our children! I hope for Bethany’s youth group to grow large enough for there to be more than one group. The word is getting out about our children – they are great!” Anonymous


“For Bethany to grow and help others. To teach them about Jesus and to have many mission trips.” Anonymous


“The congregation grows large enough to sustain full children’s and youth programs; the choir loft is full; that the question, “how much will that cost?” never has to be asked.” Jill


“That she uses every bit of me. That my heart grows with service, prayers and dedication to God’s work locally, with young adults.” No Name given


“For it to get bigger, to have more kids in it, and have more money for advertising God and the church.”

Gabe Merville – Age 12**(our sincere apologies for printing an incorrect age in the earlier responses.)


“Candy coated Communion. And a food vending machine. And to reach an average 30 kids for youth. To reach a point where everyone is comfortable and is able to be themselves, to be able to grow in faith with Jesus.” Anonymous


“ “Jesus’s spirituality of love. Enrichment for Joshua.” Joshua Scurry


“To see, as is happening, more young couples with children, for the future of Bethany by keeping our families here” Anonymous


“My dream is to see the church grow in both numbers and influence in the community. As we seek to better serve the needs of others who hunger for the guiding word of Jesus Christ.” Anonymous


“My dream is that the youth grow in love and faith to be able to share the history of presenting musical faith.”

Cynthia Friday


“That people will see and feel the Holy Spirit at work in Bethany and sign on in service with us as we take the message of salvation to our neighbors – near and far!” Marge Roberts





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