On Sunday, October 14th we kicked off our 2008 Stewardship Campaign by distributing the first of a series of four beautiful and thought provoking cards to our congregation, giving each person quiet time to reflect what it is they value most about Bethany. Some responses will be printed up in Bethany Talk and some in our October 21st Worship Program, but here we share with you all of the responses to our first question:

“ What do you love about Bethany?”

“ -
EVERYTHING - Best sermons – well thought-out and researched (by either Pastor). Sermons relate to today, here, this congregation, our future. Best Bible Studies. Pastors are both on second marriages (very human and accepting). The Holy Spirit is felt in the Sanctuary and with both Pastors. Great music through the Oldfields! Sue is a fantastic musician! Music Ministry is very powerful. I like the Episcopal elements of “High Church” in the main service. We have a beautiful Sanctuary and wonderful church grounds. Really good people and facilities. I appreciate the “mental health” ministries by both Pastors.

Karen Wilkson


“What do I love about Bethany? The true question is what don’t I love? That would be nothing! I have been a member of Bethany my whole life. If I would choose one detail that I love about Bethany that makes it whole, is the people! The members and even the visitors have been my rock through my happy days to the days when medical problems happened in my life. No matter who/what led the church on a Sunday worship, the love and look I saw on life was still pure and healthy. That is what I love about Bethany!



“I love that everyone knows my family by name and that they miss us if we are unable to join them in worship from time to time. We feel welcomed and loved by the members of Bethany and have felt that way from the very first day we came.”

Tara Tomicic


“The people, choir, preacher and staff, our Sunday School Class, food, weekday school and our complex. The real pleasure is seeing more youth at the services. It appears to be a “new” day at Bethany.”

Dick Hillman


“Sunday School

Men’s Prayer Breakfast

Being part of a community of believers.”

Laura and Bill Bailey




“I have been a member since 1966. My best friends are here. Jim Roberts sees that I have a ride to and from church each Sunday. You can’t imagine what it means to know you can attend. Each driver seems that they are so glad to drive me. Everyone seems glad to see me, even with my walker. The church is now growing – the little ones are growing, which means that Bethany will continue to grow. I hated to think it would not continue to be here for me and for other members.”

Dorothy M. Teague


“Brother Dan and his vision for this church has excited the membership – making them a more cohesive, welcoming group. As a result, I feel very welcome each Sunday.”



“I love the feeling when I walk into the sanctuary – a feeling of solace and warmth, friendliness and peace. I love Pastor Dan’s sermons. He always seems to know what thoughts and concerns I am wrestling with. Through his words he lights a way forward and guides me towards grace. I love the choir and the beautiful music which pours forth and uplifts my soul. I love the people who have welcomed me with genuine kindness.”



“The feeling of home is steadfast; over my lifetime, I belong.”

Lynn Pauwels


“I like the laity participation. There is a real feel of God through Jesus. A wonderful and new worship experience. God is, in my opinion, certainly blessing this congregation through Reverend Dan Jones and through the laity as well.”

Bill Edwards


“The spirit of community and sharing among the congregation.”



“The people, the pastor, the building, the playground, lunches, choir. I like these because I’ve known most of them for a long time.”

Gabe Merville – age 13


“The “familiness”, the pastor, the youth group, the activity involvement.”

Chris Lydick – age 12


“The sweet spirit and love of the church.”





“The fellowship; family of faith. The music. The space. The teaching. The preaching (but not the volume). The support. The energy. Joy.

No name given


“ To preach the gospel around the world. Pastors and members of the church are loving and caring. Peace of Christ is in Bethany.”

Inder Bhatti


“Fulfill the needs of Bethany for help of others. Every day pray for Bethany. Regular attendance and offering. Participation in all programmes.”

Pushpa Bhatti


“The faithfulness of the saints who have gone before us has made Bethany the wonderful place we call our church. I love the faith and steadfastness of all those who believed that, despite hard times, Bethany would, and has continued to be, the great congregation of loving, helpful, supportive family of faith that I appreciate in my journey.”

Marge Roberts


“Fantastic choir!”


“I love Bethany! I have loved Bethany for 35 years. I love the church members, the caring and warmth and friendliness. We are so blessed to have two wonderful pastors. I think Bethany is a special place that god has created.”

Barbara Cox


“The dedication of the Congregation – to help this church prosper and grow. This is truly the salvation of this church. It has been for the last 20 years!

Cecil Caldwell


“I love the loving fellowship that has prevailed in this church since I joined.”

Trula Meglasson


“I love the acceptance I have felt for myself and family, including my grandchildren whose rough edges were smoothed or ignored. I love Bethany for the opportunities to serve. I love Bethany for the opportunity to study music which praises God as we worship.”

Sally Brashear


“Pastoral Staff. Welcoming attitude of the congregation. Passing the Peace. Music Ministry – choir is fantastic! Feeling God’s presence here.”

No name given


“The weekday school helped get my son off to a good start.”



“People – fellowship


Pastor and his wife

Office Staff

Day School

Variety of Programs


Mary Phillips


“Bethany has become the home of people very precious and important to me. It has helped them grow in faith and share their passion for God with a great new group of people. It brings me happiness to see how much Bethany has done for them and how much it has touched their lives.”



“Friendly, welcoming church. Christian fellowship with traditions, yet open to change for the glory of God. A place where God led me to serve Him. A place where the Holy Spirit dwells in the ministry of His People.”

Sally McKee


“I love the mission trips we go on. I’m able to meet many different people because of it.”

Daniel Meaders – age 13


“The Youth Group! It is awesome to watch them grow in their relationship with Christ. They are so open to new ideas and to try new things.”

Karie Kimbley


“”The people – I feel at home.

The Pastors and families


The Building/classes room to grow

Feeling loved and needed

The music and joy.”

No name given


“It is here for us and through Bethany we can find and worship God. Discovering this, we are one instrument in spreading His word.”

No name given


“I love the day school. The day school is a marvelous ministry to our children and their parents. The teachers are caring and generous to the children engendering a love of going to school and finding friends from our many varied backgrounds. I love the dedication of the longtime members giving their time and heart to all the programs in the effort to draw in more members to share with us in service to our neighborhood and our city. I love the enthusiasm of our minister and his wife; I love the presence of Dave and Cindy Dineen and their generous presence to this church. I love that my granddaughter, Elizabeth, loves to come to this church. She cries if we are unable to make it to church. She comes even when the rest of the family cannot. She is 4.”

Glennys Johns


“I love the Children’s Sermon.”

Elizabeth Johns-Krull – age 4


“What I would love is the chance to help Bethany in its growth and care. As a friend of Kristen Jones, she has helped me throughout my life, and I pray and hope to help her by helping Bethany in the churches continued mission trips around the world.”

John Whitehurst


“The wonderful people who you already know and the new ones you learn to know. The sanctuary, the music and our perseverance to become an active church once again. Our new ministers that were given to us by God.”

No name given


“Bethany is our second family – I know they are always there for me- without judgment. Bethany is more than just a place – it’s the people. They care and love me! We joined because of a peaceful feeling. It’s a Bethany-thing!”

Melissa Fontenot


“It is a place I am comfortable and feel welcome.”

Troy Fontenot


“I love the things that I’ve done here; helping Mrs. Kristen, the pastor, friends and others in Bethany.”

William Martinez – age 12


“I love the feel of family here; the people; the music. I know my family is here and I get to grow at my own pace, being held responsible for growing, but not faulted for my pace. I love the feeling of God being so close when I am here.”

C. Friday



“I love Bethany as my spiritual home. Bethany is God’s home, where I can take my sorrows and joys, share them with God and receive the assurance I need. A place where I hear God’s words preached, words of encouragement, words of direction, words of counseling and words of hope. I love Bethany because it is my Church Home!”

Jim Roberts

"I love the Christian fellowship shared for so many years. I came to Bethany about forty five years ago not knowing anyone and found so much love and caring. I am still here just as excited as I was back then."
Gay Hillman

“I love the family that we are. It is heartwarming to know that there is always somebody out there praying for us. I am so grateful for our church family and friends. Missions have changed our lives and the influence of the Jones family is paramount to the renaissance of Bethany.”



“The good people who attend this church and support each other.”

Bill Bailey


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