Adventures in Learning for Senior Adults

Fall 2016

See LEOH's webiste - - for the listing of Fall Session topics, available end of August.


SPANISH       9:00—9:50 AM—Beginners
Instructor: Maura Rodriguez, MD                                                                                                        Room 11

Dr Rodriguez is a native speaker of Spanish and makes this class interesting and fun.  If you want to learn Spanish, this is your opportunity.                

WHAT’S UP, HOUSTON?     10:00—10:50 AM                                                                                 Room 42-43

Coordinator: Tom Sanders               

Many of us are learning, as we participate in LEOH’s monthly trips, that our city is filled with a variety of places to visit and events to attend.  For this Session, our speakers will be representatives from many of these unique and interesting places and happenings.  They will tell about their attraction, its importance to our city and, most importantly, its plans for the future.      



11:00 AM—12 noon                                                                                                                        Room 42-43    

Coordinators: Charlese Charlton, Chair, Judy Bristol, Sally Brashear, Jack Cuvillier and Tim Mock
LEOH's Town Hall presents speakers on a wide range of topics.  See LEOH's webiste - - for the listing of Fall Session topics


12:00 noon—12:45 PM                                                                                                              Fellowship Hall
Price—$3.00 for a sandwich catered by Subway, chips, dessert, and beverage.    (Remaining sandwiches—$2.00 each.)
Door Prize  In the first Thursday they attend, LEOH members will place their names in the yellow LEOH bucket.   Each week, at the end of the Town Hall presentation in Room 42-43, there will be a drawing, and the winner will receive free lunch that day. 
Announcements can be found in the Luncheon Newsletter and are also made at lunch.  Please try to be there so you can be informed about this all-volunteer organization.  

 November 12—PARTY TIME

 FELLOWSHIP HALL                                                                                  11:00 AM  - MUSIC PROGRAM

      11:30 AM  - Art Gallery and Conversation                                                                                                                11:45 AM —Recognition of our Teachers                                              12:00 noon  -  Baked potato, salad and dessert, and beverage for $3.00.      [Spanish (AM) and Bridge (PM) classes are held on this final day.]                                                       CELEBRATE OUR FELLOWSHIP OVER THE YEARS!!   


12:45—3:30 PM SOCIAL BRIDGE                  Room 42-43
 Coordinators: Jack Cuvillier and Jean Vorhaben   This is your chance to learn the game you never had time for before.  This class is for intermediates and beginners who want to learn from each other.
1:00—4:00 PM   YEAR—ROUND BRIDGE                                   Library
Coordinators: Mary Nell Arnold and Pat Ross  
Enjoy a pleasant afternoon of bridge with dedicated LEOH members who continue to play bridge, even when LEOH is not in session.
1:00—3:30 PM          WATERCOLOR PAINTING                Fellowship Hall Instructor: Portia Bell                                Fee: $35:00 Portia Bell is a professional artist, has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Houston and is an instructor at the Watercolor Art Society - Houston.  She looks to the beauty of nature shapes, colors and patterns for inspiration for her paintings.  
FALL TRIPS                          
Host:  Tom Sanders
LEOH schedules one-day trips in and around Houston once a month every month of the year.  Trips scheduled for those months when LEOH is not in session are not be listed in the brochure.  

LEOH maintains a trip notification roster.  Individuals on this list will be notified by email or regular mail about all upcoming trips.  To be included on this list, sign up at registration or email Tom at  

One month prior to each trip, an email will be sent out (hard copy mailed to those without email) detailing the trip planned for the following month with respect to times for the buses to leave, places to be visited and fees.  If you would like to participate,  please respond to that email (or call) on a first-come basis.  Payment by check must be brought the day of the trip.  

Tuesday, September 13
Tuesday, October 18
Tuesday, November 15
Monday, December 13
¨ To ride on a county bus, one must be at least 50 years of age.
¨ Please always be on time for bus departures.
¨ If space is available, non-members may go on a trip for an additional fee.
¨ Please have the name and phone number of an emergency contact person available at the time of the trip. ¨ Wheelchairs are available for those who wish to go on a trip but may not be able to walk distances.  Prior     arrangements are required for wheelchair access.  



President – Ken Euler  

Corresponding Secretary – Violet Lewis 

Recording Secretary – Susan Downs 

Treasurer – Rosalie Thurbon   




If you would like to obtain a copy of the current brochure, have questions or would like more information about Life Enrichment of Houston, 
please contact President Ken Euler at or Tom Sanders at or call 713-667-7574.




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